Marion Fromm

In 1997 Marion Fromm went with a group of men and women to Cambodia and saw first-hand the plight of land mine survivors. She saw people who, because of their injuries, were not considered employable and whose only means of survival was through begging. Outcast from society, shunned by friends and family, even stores would often refuse to serve them.

Marion Fromm
Marion Fromm

Marion returned to Adelaide, South Australia with a heavy burden on her heart to do something to change the plight of land mine survivors in Cambodia. Over the next few years she would return many times, with an ever increasing desire to help not through temporary hand-outs, but by finding a way to train and provide work for landmine survivors.

In June 2000 God gave Marion a vision of a large area of vacant land that she recognised as being in Cambodia. She saw a factory appear on the land and later a dormitory-style housing block and finally a church. In seeing this vision Marion knew that God had challenged her to establish a sheltered workshop factory for people that are disabled by landmines and other disabilities, to give them quality of life, meaningful employment and assisted living. 


So Reverse the Curse (of land mines) Cambodia was born because of one woman's compassion and determination to reverse the terrible curse of landmines by providing a sheltered workshop factory that will eventually be self-supporting.

Join with Marion and Reverse the Curse (RTC) to make a life changing difference in the lives of landmine survivors in Cambodia.

Our History

  • November 2003 Reverse The Curse of Landmines (Aust.) registered as an NGO in Cambodia.
  • October 2004 The factory and training centre opened as RTC Cambodia in Phnom Penh.
  • November 2006 RTC Cambodia was awarded the NGO Employer of the Year Award by Cambodia's Minister of Social Affairs.
  • August 2007 RTC Cambodia bought a farm to begin producing its own fruit.
  • November 2008 RTC Cambodia ceased to be an NGO. Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. was registered as a company to continue the work of RTC Cambodia. RTC (Australia) remains a non-profit organisation.
  • June 2010 Marion was awarded a gold medal for Favourable Achievement for survivors of landmines by the Cambodian Prime Minister, Mr Hun Sen.

The Story of Cambodian Harvest

Rhonda Pooley's book on Marion Fromm's life and work in Cambodia is selling fast! Proceeds are being generously donated to Cambodian Harvest. Contact us if you would like to purchase a copy.

We Need You!

If you have a heart for social justice, for the Khmer people of Cambodia, for following God's call to help those in need, we would love to hear from you. Visit our Support RTC page to find out how to donate. We also have a list of Prayer points, if you would like to support us in that way. Feel free to Contact us if you would like more information. Thank you for your support!